how to prepare your garden for winter season

In the coming weeks, it will get colder in most regions. In some, it even freezes, and there’s snow. At least that’s how it is in my hometown. To ensure that the plants and the beautiful garden can survive the winter as best as possible, a little work needs to be done.

Here is my list of 10 things I do before the cold season starts:

1 Clean up the garden

Remove any dead plants, leaves, and debris. This prevents diseases and pests from overwintering and gives your garden a tidy appearance. You can also leave the leaves in one place for animals. The hedgehog can hibernate in the leaves for example.

2 Trim and prune

Trim back overgrown branches and prune shrubs and trees as needed. This not only helps maintain the plants‘ health but also prevents damage from heavy snow or ice. But be careful, some plants may only be trimmed in spring. Some trees can bleed, so check the needs before taking action.

3 Mulch flowerbeds and garden beds

Apply a layer of mulch to insulate the soil and protect plant roots from freezing temperatures. Mulch also helps retain moisture and prevents erosion. Try something new and use the mulch as a surface for your garden path. If you have a border on the sides, it looks very neat, natural and modern at the same time.

4 Protect delicate plants

For tender plants or those sensitive to frost, consider covering them with burlap sacks, frost cloths, or other protective materials to shield them from freezing temperatures and harsh winds.

5 Drain and store hoses

Before temperatures drop below freezing, drain water from hoses, sprinklers, and irrigation systems. Store them in a sheltered location to prevent damage.

6 Bring in potted plants

If you have potted plants that are not cold-hardy, bring them indoors or place them in a protected area like a garage or greenhouse to shield them from the cold.

7 Clean and store garden tools

Clean, sharpen, and properly store your gardening tools. This prevents rust and damage, ensuring they’re ready for use when spring arrives.

8 Prepare the lawn

Keep mowing the lawn until it stops growing. Rake leaves and debris to prevent mold or disease buildup. Consider aerating the lawn to improve air circulation and water absorption.

9 Feed the soil

Consider adding compost or organic matter to the soil to enrich it during the winter months. This helps improve soil structure and provides essential nutrients for plants in the upcoming growing season.

10 Plan for next season

Use the winter months to plan your garden for the next growing season. Research new plants, design changes, or landscaping projects you want to undertake.

Remember, the specific tasks needed to prepare your garden for winter may vary based on your region’s climate and the types of plants you have. Tailor your preparations accordingly to ensure the best care for your garden during the colder months.

And, one last extra: Set up some decorations for the holidays to make yourself cozy and have a good time around the garden during cold and darker days.

Happy holidays everyone. See you soon !

love jose

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